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About Us

Quality Battery Replacement Kits

Since 2005, NewPower99 has built a reputation for providing the highest quality batteries and Battery Replacement Kits available. Our complete Battery Replacement Kits feature detailed video instructions to show our customers how to give “New Life to Your Old Stuff”TM and include our carefully selected long-life batteries and specialized tools. 

Please contact us if you need assistance in finding a battery, placing an order, determining which battery kit is right for your device, or customer service and support. 

Who We Are:

We are the industry leader in Battery Replacement Kits that make changing your battery a snap. Our all-inclusive Battery Replacement Kits contain easy to follow Video Instructions showing you how to open your device and replace your battery, specialized electronics tools, a New Extended Life Battery, and a Full One Year Warranty. 

Need a new battery for your Tablet, GPS, Smartphone, e-Reader or other electronic device? We offer hundreds of different battery replacement kits - from Samsung and Garmin to Amazon Kindle, so you're bound to find one for your device. Use the search box above and if you can't find what you're looking for, shoot us an email at and we'll be glad to help.

There's no need to buy a whole new device when your battery runs out. Replacing your battery is easy with our Battery Replacement Kits which include a new highest-capacity battery, tools, and how-to instructions for many of the internal batteries we offer. We go the extra mile to make sure our customers are happy. We have a solid reputation for fast shipping - usually within 24 hours so you can get your device up and running as quickly as possible. We have confidence in our products and you should too. Every battery comes with a one year warranty. If your battery dies anytime within the first year, we'll send you out a new one, free of charge.